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How Does The ITLONG High-End Intelligent Induction System Wo

release date:2011-04-25 14:11

  When the car goes through the intelligent induction parking lot, the system recognizes the owner identity (Bluetooth card), the barrier gate opens automatically. When the car is 1.5 meters from the door, the system will recognize the owner identity automatically; it opens the door and calls the elevator. After the owner entering the car, the system inducts the owner identity and sends the owner to his resident floor. The owner reaches home easily without swiping a card.

ITLONG intelligent induction system makes it possible. This system adopts the active 2.4G, non radiation hazard Bluetooth technology. The frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology can realize the anti-interference transmission in 10m communication distance. This technology is with lower power and higher communication safety level. Also in the effective range, this system can transmit over the obstacle, no special communication angle and direction requirements.


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