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China World Hotel - IC card intelligent elevator control sys

System introduction:
Intelligent elevator control system using the IC card.

Project introduction:
Guangzhou China World Hotel is the first Sino foreign cooperative operation of the large five Stars Hotel, in the past 20 years, China World Hotel has successfully hosted business travelers and national leaders from all over the world. As the backbone of Guangzhou's vibrant international metropolis reform and development, China World Hotel is leading the rapid development of Guangzhou city and the whole Southern China District Hotel industry. China World Hotel is located in the center of the city of Guangzhou city. With its unique geographical location and considerate service, over the years, China World Hotel has been the business elite and the quality of the people of all. 850 full renovation of the rooms and a series of new facilities blend in the design of China traditional color and world advanced level, and bring a green and healthy living concept, reflecting the classics and fashion, leisure and business, fashion and environmental protection of the perfect combination of experience to bring customers the most Shu Xinman meaning of Amenities.
The sixteenth session of the Guangzhou Asian Games will be held as a designated hotel, as a key position to show the city of Guangzhou city. In order to better serve the Asian Games, let the leaders from all countries, athletes and tourists enjoy quality service, feel the enthusiasm of our people, at the same time, the Asian Games security work has become the focus of attention of the parties. On this critical moment, the China World Hotel chose to cooperate with us, to abandon the traditional hotel security waste of human, material and power, the use of advanced IC card intelligent elevator management system, the use of cards authorized way to identify customers and unrelated personnel, while saving time and more to improve the security level, will be related to unexpected defense further improve, truly show our new energy-saving environmental protection.

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