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Guangzhou Jinxiu Royal Jingyuan-Elevator IC card system

Main products:
IC card elevator control system

Project introduction: beautiful royal Jingyuan is located in Guangzhou City East development axis - Zengcheng Licheng new government core area, adjacent to the Xintang, Dongguan, Shenzhen, convenient transportation. The project is located in Licheng tourism scenic area, adjacent to the Whitewater Village, He Xianmiao, Lin Baihua Reservoir Scenic Area etc.. Park Royal Jingyuan garden and architectural design were by the internationally renowned design company to assume the task of investigating, consistently uphold the rigorous professional style, with particular emphasis on the application of material and the quality of the details, of uncompromising attention to detail. Landscape design with water as the theme, planning and design of the 300 meter long shore art gallery, rich layers of three-dimensional landscape formation. Park Royal Jingyuan occupies a total area of area of 3 00000 square meters, with a total construction area of 7 00000 square meters, the total number has 4000 households, living facilities: School: school rich Peng elementary school, middle school in the ROC, Anglo Chinese school, Cheng Feng elementary school, Lai river elementary school, Lai King middle school, Pui Ying kindergarten, new city kindergarten. There are all large supermarkets, Gualu square, Huarun supermarket, Liquan supermarket shopping malls. The market has Huanong wholesale market, Cheng Feng market etc..

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