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Ji'nan in the Century City - IC card elevator control system

Project introduction: as project is located in the east of Jinan City in key locations, by the provincial capital of the broad masses of the people attention, the provincial and municipal leaders also on the construction of the project proposed requirements very high. Therefore, in the run group deeply heavy responsibilities, the group leader classified as the most important task of the construction of the project, to maximize the concentrated group of planning and design, construction management and marketing talents and the group's strong financial strength, determined to put the project into the beautiful Springs in the East, Jinan City urban construction Zengguang luster.

Floor area: 46620 square meters
Total construction area: 330000 square meters
Developer: Shandong home run limited company
Property Management Company: Lujiazui Shanghai, as a consultant
Property Consultants Co: Lujiazui Shanghai, as a consultant

Main products: IC card elevator control system, residential area, LG elevator.

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