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Xi'an Qujiang mansion - IC card elevator control system

Project introduction: Qujiang house is home in Xi'an Xi'an Academy of Qujiang new district development brand residential projects. The project is located in the core position of Qujiang new area, the east of Datang Lotus Park, west of the city, south of the city, South to the city wall ruins park. Qujiang ocean hall, the Da Ci'en Temple (the big wild goose pagoda), Xi'an Botanical Garden, Datang sleeps, and Asia's largest city square, Big Wild Goose Pagoda North plaza surrounded around the project. Architectural planning and design by the American A&S John when the building design center, China's most influential villa one of the architects -- Yu Li, assume the task of investigating the design. Set top international landscape master bell high Lin (Hong Kong), Zhejiang Zhongtian, Shaanxi construction, the property of the sea and international team, as the man of the hour Jianye cast a hundred years handed down castle and inherited from generation to generation in the glory of the family. 1 Qujiang mansion covers an area of approximately 46 acres, the floor mansion and Diepin villa consists of 76 households top luxury. Qujiang mansion average 300-400 square metres of human residential outdoor space, over 10000 square meters, the landscape garden courtyard, creating a conform to the international trend and regional cultural cohesion, contains noble temperament of Chinese wall in the deep courtyard, "the traditional residential community.

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